Our Patient Speak!

Dr. Bianco has treated many patients in North Wales Pennsylvania. Here are just a few of the happy and pain free patients that are under the care of Dr. Vito Bianco at Bianci Spinal Center.

Dick S.
Age 82
Prior to coming to Dr. Bianco, I has been suffering from chronic back and leg pain for five years. I’ve had two hip replacements and a double laminectomy (3rd& 4th lumbar). I’ve had pain management shots in the spine. I’ve had cortisone shots in the hip and 16 weeks of physical therapy. Finally my hip surgeon, Dr. Weidner of Upper Bucks Orthopedic recommended I see Dr. Bianco for decompression treatments. I was a little unsure about this for of treatment, but I was so impressed with Dr. Bianco’s evaluation of my condition, I tried it for thirty treatments. It was the best decision I’ve made. I have practically no pain in my back and leg. I recommend decompression to any one with degenerated back vertebras and low back pain. I had to give up playing golf before I started the treatments and I am now looking forward to playing golf again next spring.

Joe Kerrigan
Major League Baseball Player/ Coach

When I first came to Dr. Bianco I could barely get out of a chair or walk. I was experiencing severe back pain that limited most of my activities. The Orthopedic explained to me that the MRI revealed problems in my lower back with the disc and vertebra. I was told that these problems were the reason for all of my pain. I then consulted with Dr. Bianco and he told me the same thing, but he explained he had a treatment to fix this condition without surgery. I was scheduled 20 treatments on the drx9000and noticed relief almost immediately. I was pleased to find the treatments very relaxing. Since I completed treatment I am able to return to golfing and much more. I want to thank Dr. Bianco for his professionalism and friendship. Anyone considering this treatment I highly recommend it.

Brian M.

My daughter was recommended to Dr. Bianco by Dr. Cope, from Upper Bucks Orthopedic, for a large herniated disc in her low back. We were very concerned that if the treatment with Dr. Bianco didn’t work she would need back surgery. It has been over four years since Dr. Bianco treated her and she has returned to normal with absolutely no limitations. Prior to treating with Dr. Bianco she could not walk, stand or move without feeling pain. We were skeptical that this seemed to be too good to be true, but it really worked. About a year and half ago I herniated a disc in my back and went through the shots and physical therapy that my daughter did and I was no better. Dr. Cope then sent me to Dr. Bianco for the spinal decompression treatment, but for some reason I did not think it was going to work for me. Once again, I was very skeptical and decided to not do the treatment. Well I spent the next year in pain that was getting progressively worse. Finally, I decided to go back to Dr. Bianco and do the treatment. I cannot believe how well it worked for me. I am now out of pain and it has helped me be able to start exercise. Before treatment I could not walk down my driveway and now I walk three times around my neighborhood and joined a gym. I feel better than I did 20 years ago. Do not do what I did and wait. I have recommended anyone who suffers with back pain to Dr. Bianco. Thank you for helping my family and I return to an active life again!!

Marion A.
68 years old
It has been about one year since I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis, a bulging disc, sciatica, arthritis and degenerative disc disease. The spinal doctor recommended physical therapy for 6 weeks. After about 5 weeks, the pain got worse. I then got steroid injections. The pain relief lasted about one month. The pain gradually got much worse and I couldn’t stand or walk longer than 10 minutes. The spinal doctor then said he could try to burn the nerve or I could have surgery. Neither were options for me but I didn’t know where else to turn. I was having a lot of anxiety and I was starting to panic. The pain was excruciating! I was taking Advil day and night. I prayed for a miracle.
My husband finally talked me into having hypnosis for pain management with a psychologist who had cured him of migraine headaches many years ago. The psychologist also has degenerative disc disease and told me about Dr. Bianco’s decompression therapy and how much it had helped him. He said it has given him his life back. I made an appointment with Dr. Bianco for the following week and started decompression therapy the next day.
I started decompression therapy on September 23, 2008 and by December; I was able to go Christmas shopping. One day I realized I had for five hours straight with no pain! I still get some discomfort from arthritis at night, but not enough to need pain medicine. I am now cooking dinner every night, I am able to play with my grandchildren and I shop till I drop (but not from pain), but because I like to shop!
I also have my life back, again! I believe my prayers were answered. Thank you Dr. Bianco!!!

Age 68
I have been dealing with back pain most of my adult life. Most recently the pain in my back and legs had gotten so bad that I was not able to do many of my daily tasks. I have severe degeneration in all of the discs in my low back and a lot of arthritis. I was extremely skeptical how well the DRX works. I also have diabetes and suffer with pain and numbing in my feet. I was told that the pain and numbing in my feet were a result of the diabetes. It has been over a year since my last decompression treatment and to my surprise all of the pain in my legs and low back is gone and has not returned. My legs feel stronger and I have much better balance, too. I was able to return to all the tasks I was unable to do. I now have added bike riding and archery to my activities. Never in a million years would I have considered doing either of those things before treatment. To my surprise most of the foot pain and numbing is gone as well. I cannot say enough about how much the DRX helped me and completely recommend this treatment to anyone who qualifies. I want to thank Dr. Bianco and his staff for the excellent treatment I received at their office.
Age 85
After a couple of spinal surgeries I was left with very poor flexibility and constant low back pain. I have been forced to use a cane. I have always been a very active person and the pain completely changed my life. I was referred to Dr. Bianco for spinal decompression. After he evaluated me, he was able to figure out what was wrong with me. He sat with me and showed me my MRI. He also showed me what was wrong and where the problems were on the MRI. Nobody ever showed me my MRI. I tried so many different treatments including injections, physical therapy, and finally surgery. My first surgery was back in 1974. I was concerned that my back was too far gone because of the surgery, but Dr. Bianco reassured me that it would help. I never heard of spinal decompression and thought that I had to live this way. After my evaluation I went and asked my family doctor about decompression and he said he had only heard good things. I decided to go through with the treatment and the results were excellent. I did not notice much until the end of treatment, but once it was over I WAS pain free and no longer use a cane. I went on vacation recently and completely enjoyed it. NO PAIN. I do the exercises he gave me and get an adjustment once a month and feel great thanks to Dr. Bianco and the DRX9000. If you are reading this and considering treatment, don’t think twice about it! It really works.
Joe R.
Age 64
I don’t know how to THANK YOU ENOUGH for you and your wonderful parents for introducing me and my son-in-law, Dr. Paul, onto spinal decompression

Tracy N.
Age 36

I work in a very physical environment picking up children all day long. I have suffered with horrible back pain radiating in to my legs for years. I’ve had three epidurals and tried physical therapy and chiropractic care. Nothing was helping and I was in need of some relief. It had gotten so bad, that I couldn’t do my job any longer. I couldn’t sit, stand or walk, let alone pick up children.

I researched spinal decompression and luckily found Dr. Bianco. Dr. Bianco discussed my options and treatment on the DRX9000. I had some pain with the DRX9000 in the beginning but stayed with it. I was glad I stuck with it because half way through my treatments, I WAS FEELING SO MUCH BETTER. Now I am 90% free of pain and feeling great! I‘m happy to say that I am starting back at work next week. Thank you Dr. Bianco!

Frank W.
Age 58

I had been suffering with low back and sciatic leg pain for a number o0f years. Recently, the pain became unbearable. Before I started treatment with Dr. Bianco I could hardly walk. The pain limited the things I could do. I could no longer play gold, go snow skiing or work out. The pain really controlled my life. Like most people I tried almost everything to get out of pain and nothing help. I was very concerned that I would have to liv e with pain all the time. Once I started treatment, I immediately felt relief. I have completed all my treatments and I am completely pain free! I have returned to playing golf, working out and I was also able to snow ski again with no problems. I can’t believe how great I feel! I got my life back!


Age 57

I’ve been suffering from chronic back pain for many years. I had terrible shooting pain down my legs and a knife-like pain in my back. I had very limited movement and couldn’t even bend down to tie my own shoes. I thought I would have to live with this pain for the rest of my life. Fortunately, I found Dr. Bianco’s office and was relieved to find out I was a candidate for the DRX9000. I noticed that after only two treatments, I had already regained full movement in the back. I am telling all my friends and family members and I highly recommend this to anyone who has chronic back pain. It works!

George H.
Age 60

Prior to coming to Dr. Bianco’s office, I had horrible back pain for years with shooting pain down both of my legs. My job required me to walk a lot, which caused me such discomfort. The pain in my back was worse in the morning. I had limitations with exercising, walking and sitting for a long period of time. I’ve lived with chronic pain for so long that I was skeptical that anything would work. After consulting with Dr. Bianco and finding out I was a candidate, I must admit that I was still skeptical. But, since starting om the DRX9000, I feel great and the over quality of my life has turned around 100%! I have more strength now and I am even playing golf again! I’m happy to get my life back.

June K.
89 Years Young

I have suffered for five years from leg pain. I am 86 years old and thought I would have to live with pain. I have been getting injections every 4-6 weeks and they weren’t always successful. I hated to continue with them. Dr. Bianco suggested treatment on the DRX9000. I have been pain free since October 2006! I have not needed any additional treatment since then. I highly recommend Dr. Bianco and the DRX900 to anyone in pain.

Erwin F.
Age 78

When I first came to Dr. Bianco, I was skeptical that my back would never feel better. After reviewing my x-rays/MRIs and talking to the doctor, he felt I would be a great candidate for the DRX9000. Prior to starting the treatments, I had extreme lower back pain with a very limited range of motion. After about 6 treatments, I was already feeling more comfortable. After fully completing my treatments on the DRX9000, I couldn’t believe how great I felt. I am even able to go back to playing golf on a regular basic, which I haven’t done in years! Dr. Bianco also recommended some exercises and stretching exercises 3 times per week to0 maintain my strength and flexibly. My quality of life has improved and I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone!

Rebecca D.
Age 52

Six months ago I began to experience numbness in my left leg. Over the period of a month it intensified along with constant throbbing pain. After seeing a specialist and having an MRI performed, I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease and two herniated disc. The treatment recommended was physical therapy, injections and most likely surgery down the road. After searching for other alternative and seeing the ads for DRX9000, a friend referred me to Dr. Bianco. The treatments have been an answer to my prayer. The pain is gone and the numbness is slowly decreasing. What a blessing to begin to feel normal and back to living life!

Thank you Dr. Bianco and staff!

Judith B.
Age 65

I’ve had back pain for many years and tried physical therapy. Things were better for a while, but 8 months ago the pain had exacerbated and was really taking over my life. I was giving up a lot of things that I wanted to do. I would go to work, come home, and lay down on ice for hours. I couldn’t do the normal things I was used to do – going out to dinner, cleaning, shopping. My whole body was tired of being in pain. I was very depressed. I felt that in a few years down the road, I wasn’t even going to be able to walk, sit, etc. and I didn’t want to get an operation because there want any guarantee.

I had been going to a chiropractor and the pain wasn’t getting much better. The chiropractor referred me to Dr. Bianco. During my consultation we discussed all of my problems and he felt he would be able to help me with spinal decompression. I had 20 treatments on the DRX9000 and after the first 3 treatments; I started to see such an improvement. The improvements continued through my treatments. I am back to doing all the things I couldn’t do before.

I would recommend anyone with any pain to come in for a consultation. Thanks to Dr. Bianco and his very warm and understanding staff, I have gotten my life back and it is a GREAT feeling!!!

Marina S.

I would like to thank you for the decompression treatment and the chiropractic adjustments that I underwent with you. I was suffering from harsh back and leg pains due to the displacement of a lumbar vertebra, which pressed on my sciatic nerve. Before starting treatment with you, I visited several other doctors and had various procedures performed on me. However, it was not until I came to you that I began to notice substantial improvements.

Due to your treatments, I am now feeling much better, and I have been able to return to all my usual activities. Thank you very much!

Age 34

When my low back and leg pain mysteriously started I was shocked because of my age and the fact that I exercise regularly. I have never had back pain of any sort before. I didn’t know where to turn, my family doctor gave my painkillers that didn’t help. He then sent me to an orthopedic that suggested physical therapy after an MRI revealed a herniated disc in my last lumbar. I felt physical therapy was not the best option because I already do most of the exercises they wanted me to do. The pain was getting worse and was moving further down my leg. I wanted something that would fix the disc and I definitely didn’t want surgery.

The pain got so bad I couldn’t pick up my daughter, play golf or do much of anything. I remembered that my aunt had the same problem and had decompression done a couple of years ago. She hasn’t had a problem since. I went back to the orthopedic to ask him if he thought decompression was a good idea, he told me not to do it. He said it would not work and is never successful. I decided to try it anyway because I couldn’t live this way anymore and had very limited options.

I didn’t notice any changes for the first six or seven treatments then it stated feeling better. By the time my treatments were done I was completely out of pain and able to do everything I was doing before the pain started.  I am so grateful not to be in pain anymore. I want to thank Dr. Bianco and his staff for all that they did for me.  I have sent a copy of this letter to my orthopedic doctor. I returned for a follow up visit with my family doctor and he now sends his patients with herniated discs to Dr. Bianco for decompression treatment.

Dr. H Adesanya
Age 45

I was referred to Dr. Bianco by an anesthesiologist after I had back pain from multiple disc herniations that were getting worse. My rehab physician had recommended physical rehab over surgery along with steroid injections. I had previous chiropractor therapy, which helped, but really did not get the job fully done.

After I met with Dr. Bianco, I had several treatments on the DRX9000, along with regular adjustments. Within 7-8 weeks, my pain had subsided and I had regained full strength in my affected leg. I would also mention that this was accomplished with very minimal pain medicine.

Dr. Bianco and his staff are very courteous and highly professional and I greatly recommend chiropractic care with this group.  My respect of chiropractic medicine after my personal ordeal is now 100% as a necessary part of pain management resulting from spinal injury or disc disease.

I would like to share the adventure of the use of the DRX9000 decompression system for someone with back injuries.

As a result of a severe car accident and a bad fall I had many injuries. The list of injuries was extensive from: neck/brachial pain, traumatized knees, extensive arthritis and multiple disc herniations in my lower back. As a result of the herniations, I suffered with serve pain in both my low back and legs. I was told I had extensive soft tissue damage and scar tissue influencing the ability to move and created chronic pain issues.

In July of 2007 I had been suffering with extensive pain and muscle spasm that would not heal after two years. I tried physical therapy to help with the original pain and the recently developed pulling muscle in the right leg. The results were not favorable. I found it frustrating that with all the specialist-orthopedic, neurologist, physical therapist and even a podiatrist, that the solution was finally provided by a chiropractor and the DRX9000. The advantage was he looked at the entire spine and focused on the specific area.

I was looking for relief of the pain and severe muscle spasms. I began treatment, as instructed by Dr. Bianco , on the DRX9000 table. Initially relief was evident, but minor. After ongoing treatment I began to notice continued relief and healing. I follow all of Dr. Bianco’s prescribed instructions to were my back belt and ice. I maintained my schedule as best as I could with work and vacation. Weeks ago I was considered not going on vacation because of the pain. I could not believe how good I felt. At one point I developed depression as a result of the chronic pain long standing pain. I absolutely had no quality of life. I now have much better quality of life as result of treatment.

I highly recommend this form of treatment. It was a lifesaver. I would not be functioning or able to work had I not had the treatment. I am now doing yoga, without pain.

Hedi N.

I am a psychologist who is often sitting for hours each day while seeing my patients. I had begun experiencing steadily increasing lower back pain over a period of six months, which not only made sitting very painful, but every aspect of my life became drastically affected. An avid exercise enthusiast all my life, I deteriorated to the point where I not only could not exercise, but I couldn’t even stand, walk, or lie down without stabbing, knee-crumbling lower back spasms with every shift in movement. When an MRI was finally done, it revealed severe degeneration of several discs, herniation of severe other discs, significant arthritis, spinal stenosis and scoliosis. My family doctor put it quite succinctly: “Your lower back is a disaster area!” Obviously, these multiple conditions had been going on for many years, and I had not really been aware of anything going wrong. Like many others with similar conditions, I tried multiple steroid injections, which produced no relief, and physical therapy, which also did not help. Two surgeons said that there were no surgical procedures that could help me, and a third said that: “You need major, multi-level, reconstructive surgery”. No thank you.

Looking back at the state of pain and debilitation that I was constantly experiencing six months ago, I consider myself very fortunate to have seen an advertisement for Dr. Vito Bianco and the DRX9000. I was initially skeptical and wary of the claims made on Dr. Bianco’s website. However, at my initial consultation, I was immediately impressed with his genuine caring and sensitivity, his professionalism, and his thorough, comprehensive evaluation. At this consultation, my pain was so severe that I could not lie flat. He gave me an honest prognosis that I may never be 100% again, but he gave me a real sense of hope that I could reach a significant degree of pain relief and resuming of a normal life.

Incredibly, one week after my consultation, and after two sessions on the DRX9000, I attended my nephew’s wedding, and at the reception, with the back brace on, I could actually move my body in a way that slightly resembled dancing. There was steady improvement during the course of the 20 treatments. In retrospect, Dr. Bianco’s treatment plan, including his decisions as to where to target the decompression, how much pressure to apply, and the frequency of sessions, were exactly what were best for multiple problems. I really looked forward to the treatments- the “pulling “ sensation always felt really good, and the relief afterward would be significant.

With the extensive degeneration that has occurred I realize that I will never be totally free of lower back issues. There may be some low level tenderness or ache occasionally, but I have been free of the stabbing, crippling spasms for more than six months. My back tells me when I am being “stupid” when I need to lighten up, slow down, rest, etc., and when I listen to it, the discomfort subsides. I have been able to resume a normal life, including going to the gym again. I am so pleased I committed to Dr. Bianco’s treatment plan, which I feel has given me my life back. I would highly recommend Dr. Bianco and the DRX9000 to anyone experiencing any condition(s) even remotely similar to mine.

I would be glad to discuss my situation, and answer any questions, if that would be helpful.

Dr. John Bearoff, Psychologist

Eileen P.
Age 70

I’ve been living with lower back pain for years and it has been getting progressively worse. I was extremely happy when Dr. Norden referred me to Dr. Bianco for spinal decompression. After completingmy treatments, I was able to return to all my normal activities and do the things I haven’t done in years. The changes in my day-to-day life have been enormous. I can’t thank Dr. Bianco enough for all he has done for me and for Dr. Norden for sending me to him. It was the best thing I have done in years

Kelly O.
Age 30

I have suffered with lower back pain for years.  A herniated disc in my lumbar region was responsible for causing chronic pain and discomfort: limited my range of motion and affecting nearly every aspect of my life, especially interacting and caring for my toddler son and performing regular household chores.  My life revolved around my pain. I exhausted nearly every no – evasive solution to battling my pain including physical therapy, epidural steroid injections, oral medications, and a rhizotomy, which is the freezing, severing and removal of damaged nerve tissue. After years of treatment, I had little relief from my pain. Eventually, my neurologist suggested spinal decompression therapy as a possible solution to my problem and I was referred to Dr. Vito Bianco. My neurologist was very specific in stating that all spinal decompressing treatments were not created quality and that I should only see treatment with a facility that uses the DRX9000. After an initial consultation with Dr. Bianco, I decided to undergo his treatment program: this was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. The night after my first treatment, I slept better than I had in years. I truly felt a difference after only one treatment. I was amazed!  I couldn’t wait to continue therapy. Not only did Dr. Bianco give me relief, be he also gave me hope that something was finally going to end my pain. After completing my treatment with Dr. Bianco, I felt great! I can perform activities that were once impossible to endure and my life no longer revolves around my back pain. I am so happy that I was referred to Dr. Bianco before turning to major surgery. Dr. Bianco and the DRX9000 changed my life in ways that no other treatment was capable of. Thank you!

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North Wales Pennsylvania

Lower back pain is one of the most common ailments to effect the majority of our population. Bianco Spinal Center was created by the need for a safe and effective option to patients who suffer with back pain.

We have developed a center which utilizes the latest, cutting edge medical technology. Neurosurgeons, Orthopedics, Physical therapists and Chiropractors all are regularly referring their patients to us for Spinal Decompression treatment. Most of our patients are achieving a pain-free state in a very short period of time.


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I've gone there a few times as a walk in customer. Excellent office atmosphere, hospitality and adjustments.


I do not say this lightly, Dr. Bianco changed my life. I was having hip and lower back issues. I went to Dr. Bianco who listened to all my concerns, took x rays, and then clearly explained a plan for my treatment. His plan worked! I am back to excercising and living my life pain free.


I felt that they really valued my health and happiness because they followed up even after my appointment just to check up on me. It was such a nice gesture that made a huge difference.


I don’t know how to THANK YOU ENOUGH for you and your wonderful parents for introducing me and my son-in-law, Dr. Paul, onto spinal decompression.

Joe R.


I had been suffering with low back and sciatic leg pain for a number o0f years. Recently, the pain became unbearable. Before I started treatment with Dr. Bianco I could hardly walk. The pain limited the things I could do. I could no longer play gold, go snow skiing or work out. The pain really controlled my life. Like most people I tried almost everything to get out of pain and nothing help. I was very concerned that I would have to liv e with pain all the time. Once I started treatment, I immediately felt relief. I have completed all my treatments and I am completely pain free! I have returned to playing golf, working out and I was also able to snow ski again with no problems. I can’t believe how great I feel! I got my life back!



I researched spinal decompression and luckily found Dr. Bianco. Dr. Bianco discussed my options and treatment on the DRX9000. I had some pain with the DRX9000 in the beginning but stayed with it. I was glad I stuck with it because half way through my treatments, I WAS FEELING SO MUCH BETTER. Now I am 90% free of pain and feeling great! I‘m happy to say that I am starting back at work next week. Thank you Dr. Bianco!

Frank W.